Course & Map

Swim (3.8 km)

The swim will take place in Eikesdalsvatnet, a freshwater lake filled by the water from North Europe´s highest waterfall, the nearby Mardalsfossen. Start and finish will be at the old ferry quay at the FV192/FV191 intersection in Eresfjord and athletes will do two loops.


The water temperature is usually between 12 and 17 degrees Celsius.


Wetsuits are mandatory and athletes should accustom themselves to swimming in cold water.




















Bike (187 km)

The bike course starts at the old ferry quay in Eresfjord, and goes on the scenic road to Eikesdal, passing the waterfall Mardalsfossen on the way, continuing all the way to the end of the tarmac road at the inner part of Eikesdal (Finset).


From Finset, athletes will ride back to Eresfjord, continue to the local community centre Eidsvåg and from there do a loop passing by Batnfjord and Angvik before returning to Eresfjord where the bike leg ends.


There are no big climbs on the bike leg, though the course is tough with total ascent of more than 2,000 metres of altitude.






































Run (~42 km)

The run starts in Eresfjord and continues on a mix of trails, tarmac and gravel roads around the village until the steeper part of the course starts, approx. 27 km into the run leg.


From there, athletes will make their way up a gravel road to the old mountain pasture Kanndalen (470 m.a.s.) where athletes will be sent up the mountain after passing a medical check.


Most athletes will finish at scenic Madsvarden (1050 m.a.s.) while the fastest athletes will be allowed to continue all the way up to finish at the majestetic peak of Mount Skjorta (1711 m.a.s).


After finishing, athletes will have to make their way back to Kanndalen where car pick- up by their support team is possible.


Accumulated climb on the run leg will be ~ 1900 metres for the Mount Skjorta finish and ~ 1250 metres for the Madsvarden finish.